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Vibrant Meadow Great Blue Jelly Shrimp

Vibrant Meadow Great Blue Jelly Shrimp

Unleash your cat's inner hunter with this Great Blue Jelly Shrimp from Apatocats’ KittyPrey Floofs Vibrant Meadow collection. Designed for Kujo and Katto, made for the most picky and finicky cats.

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Designed for Hunting: Transform your cat's playtime into an exciting adventure. Designed to satisfy your cat's natural hunting instincts, this toy helps you provide essential exercise and mental stimulation for your cat. Watch as your cat pounces, swats, and chases after this prey-inspired toy.

Handmade with natural materials: Handmade with natural pet-safe materials: deer fur, leather, feathers, and natural dyes.

Easy to use: This toy effortlessly attaches to most retractable cat toy wands. Its lightweight construction and easy attachment mechanism makes for convenient toy swapping.

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Product details

Full package includes:
• 1 pc Great Blue Jelly Shrimp from KittyPrey Vibrant Meadow Floofs collection in glassine paper packaging


• Size: [X-Large] 8.9 – 10 cm L x 3 – 4.5 cm W without tail (3.5 – 4 inches L x 1.25 – 1.75 inches W without tail)
• Weight: approx. 1.5 – 2.5 grams/floof
• Package weight: Approx 10 grams

Instructions for use

• Attach KittyPrey Floof to the hook of any retractable cat toy wand
• Swing toy around for your cats to play with, ideally in a place where they can run and chase
i. CHOKING HAZARD: DO NOT leave this toy unattended with your cat. This toy is meant ONLY for supervised interactive play with your cat. It is okay for this toy to go into your cat’s mouth. Deer fur is not harmful when swallowed by cats in small amounts. It is safe and even preferred for cats to bite and chew on this toy. However, any small toys that can fit into your cat’s mouth is still a choking hazard. DO NOT let your cat swallow this toy
ii. THROW THE TOY away as soon as it starts to unravel. This toy will NOT last long when bitten regularly by cats. It is hand-made and while well crafted, it is not made to be chewed continuously beyond short periods.

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