About Us

Apatocats in an Ottawa-based online store that aims to sell apartment-friendly toys, furniture, and supplies for even the pickiest of cats.

The store is a passion project for our beloved cats Katto (left) and Kujo (right). Our boys are Khao Manee and Siamese mix and are quite unlike other cats we've ever known.

Some of their eccentricities include:

  • they are among the 30-50% of cats who are immune to catnip
  • they don't care for feathers, shiny toys, or kicker toys
  • they love being active and outdoors
  • they love backpack walks, stroller rides, car rides and walks outside
  • they are quite social and never have issues going to the vet
  • one is deaf and one is super sensitive to noise (opposite ends of the spectrum)

Because of this, it's been quite difficult to find toys that stimulate them and hold their attention for long. Searching online provided very little results, so we were quite lost. We also live in an apartment so we aren't able to build them a catio. From our frustrations, we bought and tested dozens of products until we found the right fit for our boys and also worked in our living space.

We wanted to share what we found with others cat lovers too. From this was borne Apatocats, a one-stop-shop of products that our cats genuinely love. It is our hope that our offerings enable other cats to experience the same joy and enrichment that our cats have in their lives.

For now, we're only selling toys but please keep checking our site for new products as we eventually hope to sell other cat supplies and furniture in the future.